Tuminugan Tours: Home of Hineleban

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TUMINUGAN FARMLocated in Sankanan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon

It is the bedrock and inspiration for Hineleban Foundation's mandate to reforest. Tuminugan Farm is as well the Research and Development farm for the various agricultural and reforestation projects through Transformational Business Partnerships with the Indigenous People.

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Guest traverse on foot starting at 9 am.

You will learn firsthand the history of the farm and Hineleban's reforestation model, raw honey cultivation, water filtration, natural horsemanship demonstration, look-see within the production area for Arabica coffee, organic veggies, turmeric, yacon, Adlai and Hineleban's food security model. Followed by the bamboo treatment facility, naturally raised goats, pigs, ducks, chickens and sheep. Then last but not least, the post-harvest facilities for Hineleban Farm products.

Minimum 6 people maximum 20.

Php 1000 per adult.
Php 500 for children 7- 12 years old.
Php 250 for 6 years old and under.

Recommended outfit:

Rubber shoes or boots, no high heels, avoid wearing perfume as you may attract the bees, a wide hat, and long sleeves.

Picnic lunch

Are offered if the weather permits for Php 500 per person, Php 250 for children 12 and under.

The tour ends with a feeling of hope and is one of the most educational tours you can possibly experience.

Field trip

P250/ head minimum of 25 students


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