100 Years of Massive Logging Activity

Addressing the Need To Reforest

The Philippines can be food secure if our forests in Mindanao are intact. The Island of Mindanao is coined as the “food basket of the Philippines” and is home to one of the last remaining primary forests, these watersheds are the four mountain ranges of Bukidnon and the headwaters of Lanao.

A network of six major river systems and a multitude of tributaries run down the island’s plains then onto its irrigation system while filling the water table. Void of these hinterland trees will lead to the island’s desertification leaving us with no chance to produce water to feed our nation, no water reserve during droughts and extreme floods as the typhoon belt wanders south with the effects of global climate change .

These hinterlands are also home to the first inhabitants of our nation, the Indigenous People. Hineleban Foundation recognises and respects their native title rights, customs, beliefs, political structure and way of life. The need to partner with the Indigenous People became apparent to protect and reforest our mountain ranges. Your full support in this reforestation effort will be the country’s beacon of hope for food and human security while sustaining the lives of the Indigenous People.

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