What Sets Us Apart

Key aspects that make a difference in the manner in which we work:

Building Relationships with Patience & Perseverance – To harness the immense potential of Mindanao and build relationships with communities, we believe, necessarily requires closely listening to the voices of the communities, harnessing meaningful partnerships and equitably sharing the fruits of collective labor. It also requires the sensibility for dealing with historical grievances as well as the sensitivity to spiritual and cultural values, while appreciating the beauty in the diversity of century-old traditions and customary practices of all inhabitants of Mindanao.

Values Enhancement and Leadership Development – We exert enormous efforts in learning from our partners and friends, doing our best in understanding the unique perspectives of each community, and help identify shared, universal values. We have regular weekly values classes, group values and leadership programs and a leadership institute where members of communities can undergo training and career development. At the corporate level, our group also has a Values Reconciliation Board. We also assist in identifying future leaders and inculcate in them the essential values, such as, environmental stewardship, interfaith tolerance, ethics and morality. All of this is in pursuit of truthful and genuine dialogue among our partner communities.

The Spirit of Sacred Compact – Our group, which primarily comprises Unifrutti Group Philippines and Hineleban Foundation, has been blessed to have a wonderful relationship with the Indigenous People and the Bangsamoro that has been built over many decades on TRUST, MUTUAL RESPECT and a SHARED VISION. As a result of our strengthened relationship, the group signed with the Leaders of the Seven Indigenous Tribes of Bukidnon the “Sacred Customary Compact” which defines the essential principals of our partnership. Hineleban is looking forward to establishing a similar relationship with indigenous tribes in other provinces of Mindanao where the foundation might also get involved in the future.

Dedication and Commitment to Transforming Communities – We raise the quality of life through livelihood opportunities, we enter into Transformational Business Partnerships for bringing to the communities what the private sector does best – from fallow to finish – from production to harvesting technologies of food and other crops – and all the way to the market. In doing so, we help provide, in addition to food security, a descent proportion of disposable income to the poor who desperately need the extra cash for taking care of basic human needs of housing, health and education. Hineleban Coffee has demonstrated a success and serves as a model for partnership with communities for expanding and scaling up and diversifying the crops as well.

Providing Sustainable Solutions for Ecosystem Conservation – We have pioneered the methodology for rainforestation which has been demonstrated to be successful on our model farms and is now being replicated in the mountain ranges. We have also developed our own approaches to organic farming that are proving to be useful for applications among our partner communities. The Province of Bukidnon has recognized the hard work and commitment of the Foundation and, together with its municipalities and partner communities, formulated the Mindanao Rainforestation Initiative which was adopted by the Province as its own program and recommended for implementation under the title of, Program for Equitable Advancement of Rural Livelihood (or PEARL).

Nurturing the Power of Partnership within the Group – Together with our corporation, we are able to harness the power of partnership from within the group (Unifrutti and Hineleban), as well as our network of partners from the private sector, academe, civic society and People’s Organizations, and are able to draw on a substantial technical and management force to help us to implement our projects and programs in Mindanao.

Trusted Adviser for Bukidnon and the Bangsamoro – Our knowledge and experience has earned the Foundation and its Chairman the senior advisory positions on environment and watershed conservation, and development management for the Province of Bukidnon and the Bangsamoro Development Agency, respectively. In this capacity we work at both the policy and operational levels to assist the province and the region in project management and supervision.

God’s Creation of Paradise on Earth – Hineleban Farm, also known as Tuminugan Nature Sanctuary, started first by our Chairman Emeritus some four decades ago, has transformed into a paradise with indigenous tree species, with biodiversity and wildlife once again returning to a forest formed out of literally nothing. This is where we have our nurseries and model farms. It is also where we undertake our study tours and training programs for the indigenous groups and farmer communities. It is our place to reflect on the million blessings of the Creator given to human kind as His Trustee of Paradise on Earth.   And we invite others to come to experience the Paradise of Earth.