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Happiness is the Solution – Happiness Project Episode 4

Happiness is the Solution – Happiness Project Episode 4While I was editing this video, the news on TV talked about the fires in Mt. Apo and the food security issue among the farmers in Kidapawan. It seems like environmental problems have really started to plague Mindanao. Davao City has also suffered from intermittent brownouts, both in electricity and water. That’s because there is a problem in our water supply, perhaps also caused by the extreme heat. Do you know where our waters come from? There are four mountain ranges in Bukidnon where the biggest rivers that provide water supply in Mindanao originate. These are the Kitanglad, Kalatungan, Matigsalug, and Pantaron range. According to Waway Saway, a prominent musician from the Talaandig Tribe of Bukidnon, these mountain ranges are suffering from the dwindling forest covers. He said that in the 1900s, there was 70% forest cover in the Philippines. In 1970, it went down to 34%. In the year 2000, less than 3 percent is left. Now, in 2016, you can only imagine. Waway Saway’s information may bring sadness in your hearts, especially if you love the environment. But he brings good news and solutions to these issues. In our interview with him, he invites us to join the Agricultural Pilgrimage to save the mountain ranges in Bukidnon, and ultimately save Mindanao. Take look at this video and find out the solutions to the environmental problems that we currently face. Director: EJ Dominic C. Fernandez Producer: Eva M. FernandezCinematographers: Francis Lobo, Chris Herald Duco Special Thanks to: Waway Linsahay SawayStella Estremera Kublai MillanNoveah May SimbajonAmesco DrugYou can also check our other interviews with Stella Estremera of SunStar Davao, Mindanao Artist Kublai Millan, and former Davao Archbishop Fernando R. Capalla. Just click the links below: can also check out Waway Saway's music in this Youtube link:

Posted by Happiness Project Mindanao on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

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