Transformational Business Partnerships

Hineleban Foundation is working in partnership with the seven tribes of Bukidnon, empowering them as custodians of the upland communities. Each tribe has its own unique charactieristic, traits, dances, attire, traditions, and each have their respective leaders. These tribes are: the Talaandig, the Matigsalug, the Higaunon, the Manobo, the Bukidnons, the Umayamnon, and the Tigwahanon. Hineleban’s goal is to reforest the mountain ranges of Bukidnon, as well as provide livelihood programs for the indigenous tribes.

Abaca Partner Growers

Hineleban Foundation’s laboratory is currently tissue-culturing virus-free varieties, and establishing abaca trial plots for expansion within our partner farmer growers. The harvests will be consolidated and brought straight to the market for optimum return to the farmers, thus helping alleviate these families’ lives.

Arabica Coffee Partner Growers

Hineleban Foundation has established a medium term source of livelihood for the Indigenous People in the mountain ranges of Kitanglad and Pantaron by growing Arabica Coffee.

Now on our fourth year of harvest, Karen Lo-Tsai (the only certified international Q- grader in the Philippines) has graded Hineleban Coffee as the best Arabica in the Philippines. Hineleban Coffee has also been cupped as ‘Specialty Coffee’ by Level Ground Canada, who buys coffee from all over the world.

Hineleban Coffee is unique in the coffee industry within the Philippines. It is the only Arabica found to have taken the program from seedling nursery to growing with partner farmers, to post harvesting, to roasting, and then brought straight to end consumers as a finished product.

All profit is returned back to the farmer, and is used to adopt new coffee (partner farmer) growers into the program. This process is a proof that while working together with the Indigenous People by providing stable livelihood, they may continue their role as ‘Custodians of the Rainforest’.

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Giant Bamboo Partner Growers

Hineleban Foundation has established a long-term source of livelihood for the Indigenous People living inside the forest buffer zone, by providing income (beginning in year 5) from planting giant bamboo. At the end of the 5th year, the bamboo can be harvested for agriculture staking, poles, and processed engineered bamboo.

Processing bamboo poles with the correct technology that allows the use of bamboo for building homes, bridges, churches, basketball courts and the like is the next focus for added value given to our partner IP growers.

Hineleban Adlai

Adlai is an IP heirloom grain grown in high elevations. Hineleban Foundation dispersed seeds and transferred good practices in growing the grain for high yield and for tackling erosion control. This gluten free and low glycemic grain is then processed and packed for distribution straight to the more than willing customers eager to purchase a better and healthier alternative to rice.