INREMP Team Meets to Discuss Critical Next Steps

Hineleban Foundation as the Bukidnon Technical Advisory Secretariat (BTAS), met the Project Team of the Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management Project (INREMP) at the conference room of DENR-CENRO Malaybalay on August 20, 2014.  Dr. Urooj S. Malik, Hineleban Chairman/CEO and the International Special Adviser to the Provincial Government of Bukidnon gave his perspectives to the Project Team on what makes the INREMP unique from other projects that had been implemented in the past and how implementation modalities should take on more effective forms.  He emphasized two key factors, namely, capacity development and good governance including transparency and accountability.  In this regard, it was noted that close coordination between the DENR – Province, Technical Advisory Secretriat, IP Advisory Council and the INREMP Policy and Management Council chaired by the Provincial Governor is essential. PENRO Forester Felix Mirasol, Jr. and Dr. Malik also discussed the immediate next steps for project implementation. Both individuals provided clarifications and responded to querries from the members of the Project Team.

Some 29 staff have been recruited at the offices of the PENRO and CENROs to form the Project Team to implement the INREMP financed by the Asian Development Bank,  International Fund for Agricultural Development and the Government of the Philippines.  Bukidnon is among the first of the four regions covered in the Project to launch the Project on 7 August 2014.  The project launch was attended by over 358 persons from the munipalities and IP communities of Bukidnon.