Global Footprint Network Conducts KII with IP Leaders

Hineleban Foundation Inc.  (HFI) organized the key informant interviews (KII) of the Global Footprint Network (GFN) with the leaders of the three Indigenous Peoples (IP) tribes in Bukidnon. and with the Kitanglad Integrated Network (KIN). The KII was held at the Pine Hills Hotel in Malaybalay City on February 10, 2016.

GFN is a United States-based research organization, which was commissioned by the French Development Agency (AFD) to conduct ecological footprint and biocapacity assessment for Northern Mindanao, with focus on the pilot cases selected for detailed analysis in coordination with the RENAISSANCE (Reviving Ecosystems Nature and Agriculture by Improving Sustainable solutions and Community Empowerment) Project. Ms. Pati Poblete, Asian Director, and Mr. Philip Fullon, Asian Coordinator of GFN interviewed the IP Leaders.

The IP Leaders who were interviewed were: Bae Inatlawan Adelina Tarino of the Bukidnon tribe, Datu Makapukaw Adolino Saway of the Talaandig Tribe, and Datu Aligpulos Apolonio Timbangan of the Higaonon tribe. Mr. Dominador D. Decano represented the Kitanglad Integrated Network. Dr. Norma V. Llemti, Head of Special Project Management Group of HFI facilitated the question and answer portion of the discussion, and translated the discussion into English and Cebuano.

Dr. Norma Llemit of HFI facilitating the KII

Ms. Pati Poblete (2nd fr R) of GFN explaining  the objectives of the ecological footprint and biocapacity assessment in Bukidnon, and the participation of the IPs.

Hon. Governor Jose Maria R. Zubiri, Jr. (center) discussing with IP Leaders—Bae Inatlwan of the Bukidnon Tribe and Datu Makapukaw of  the Talaandig Tribe, and with Dr. Norma Llemit of HFI, while waiting for the GFN guests.