Awesome Finds @ Sugarleaf Organic Market and Cafe: Hineleban Coffee and Cenyu Probio Chicken

Brewing my hineleban coffee

I’ve met two cool dudes, Jai Ferrer of Hineleban Coffee and Ian Tristan Madera of Pronic Foods (Food of the Future) both social entrepreneurs in a media preview of Sugarleaf Organic Market and Cafe. They introduced me to a great tasting highland coffee and chicken respectively.

Hineleban Coffee 100% Highland Arabica Coffee from Bukidnon, Mindanao, graded best Arabica in the Philippines by Karen Lo-Tsai, the only Internationally certified Q-grader in the Philippines.

Graded Specialty Coffee by Level Ground Coffee, a Canadian Roaster that import specialty coffee from around the world.

Hineleban in Bukidnon tribal culture represents ” The spirit of the gathering and giving Mother tree of the rain forest that sustains the cycle of life” . In 2008, Hineleban Foundation partnered with Indigenous people (IP) providing them Arabica Coffee growing as their source of livelihood while reforesting. today they are living their role as Custodians of the rain Forests.

Being a coffee drinker ( as long as it is a natural coffee and not instant), this something we can be proud of, this coffee also support our local farmers and environment as part of their advocacy, I have been an ally for such causes in the past, one is the flight of cordillera coffee farmers, but that’s another story. Having tasted the coffee, I gave my two thumbs up for its great taste, aroma, source, social responsibility and packaging.

Love the “eco-friendly” packaging and design



Purchase your Hineleban coffee online at : . For every Hineleban Coffeee bag purchased Hineleban Foundation plants a forest tree in your honor. Just enter the ID code with its corresponding GPS coordinates found at the back of each coffee pack on the google maps section of to view your tree.