AFD Officials Visit the ENGP Plantation in Bagalangit and Hineleban’s Model Farm

The French Development Agency (AFD) representatives, Mr. Christophe Blanchot and Ms. Leoni Claeyman, visit the Enhanced National Greening Plantation in Bagalangit on November 9, 2014. The Hineleban Foundation Inc. Team, headed by the Chairman Emeritus, Mr. John P. Perrine, joined the AFD representatives in the field visit.

The 20-hectare Calliandra plantation was planted by the members of the People’s Organization (the Mt. Kitanglad Volunteers Association Kalugmanan Chapter) in July 2013. The PO President, Mr. Radil Tanlayon, and Sitio Bagalangit Leader, Datu Alber, accompanied the group visitation.

The AFD and Hineleban Team also visited Hineleban’s model farm in Lot 410 in Kalugmanan, Manolo Fortich. The model farm is an 18-hectare plantation of Carribean Pine and Calliandra, which has been standing for more than two decades.

Calliandra is a nitrogen-fixing nurse crop, and the only known species that controls the growth of cogon grass. Calliandra was initially planted prior to the Carribean pine to eliminate the possibility of forest fires.

Today, there are thousands upon thousands of Calliandra wildlings underneath the Carribean Pine plantation. Presented here are photographs of the field visits at the above mentioned plantations.

Hineleban’s President, Mr. Edgar L. Bullecer (left) leads the team in climbing up the mountain.

Mr. John P. Perrine, in cream poloshirt) explains to the AFD officials the story of the model farm, while other members of the team enjoy the scenery.