Advisory Services

Province of Bukidnon:

The Hineleban Foundation was appointed by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of the Province of Bukidnon as adviser to all environment-related and watershed conservation projects on October 7, 2013.  One of the main advisory functions assigned to Hineleban is to perform as the Technical Advisory Secretariat (TAS) of the Policy and Management Council (PMC) in relation to the implementation of all environmental conservation projects, including the Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management Project (INREMP). These Projects are aim at enhancing environmental management and conservation of forests and watersheds, promoting agro-forestry practices, and implementing sustainable rural infrastructure investments. TAS is expected to advise the Provincial authorities on all aspects of project management. The Provincial Governor is Chairperson of the PMC which has membership from key regional and provincial departments. Hineleban’s role as the TAS for INREMP is complementary to its advocacies on ecosystems conversation, livelihood development and community empowerment.

The Bangsamoro:

Hineleban, in the person of its Chairman/CEO, was appointed as Senior Adviser on Development Management at the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA). In this capacity, Hineleban Chairman/CEO provides advice and guidance to the BDA core team on the preparation of short-, medium- and long-term Bangsamoro Development Plans (BDP), and prepares policy papers for the Chairman of BDA. He is a member of the BDA Advisory Panel on the BDP, and attends major policy level meetings with the BDA Chair and Board members, and helps in liaising with key development partners. This role performed by Hineleban Chairman/CEO augurs well with the mission of the Foundation and complements the efforts of the larger group that the Foundation is part of, namely Unifrutti,Group Philippines, which is one of the largest investors in the Bangsamoro, and has plans to expand investments in the region for the purpose on bringing employment creation and income generation opportunities in the region.